Protecting pets from ticks

Protecting pets from ticks this summer

(KFVS) - Medical experts and researchers say that ticks could be more of a problem this summer due to the mild winter across most of the United States.

Does this mean your pets are more at risk?

One Heartland vet tech said yes, if you live or spend time in a wooded area, near a pond or high grass.

Andrea VanGennip from Skyview Animal Clinic in Cape Girardeau said one of the keys to keeping your pet safe, is to know where ticks can hide.

"You'll mostly find ticks behind the ears, bases of tails, on the legs mostly but whenever you are in high volume areas they will further along the back, under the belly, under the chin," said VanGennip.

VanGennip suggested checking your pets for ticks every time you go for a walk. She suggested combing through your pet's coat with your fingers or a comb.

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