Everyday Hero: Robert Craft

(Source: Robert Craft)
(Source: Robert Craft)

(KFVS) - This military veteran was a hero on the battlefield, but according to his wife, he's a hero on the home front too.

Robert and Kasie Craft have been through a lot in their 10 years of marriage.

Starting with time apart while Robert was in the Army.

"When I joined the military it changed my life for the better," said Everyday Hero Robert Craft. "Meeting my wife and giving me a purpose. I needed the military."

Little did he know what he learned in the military would come back to help him later in life when things got tough.

And they did.

In 2011 Kasie had emergency brain surgery while the family was stationed in Germany.

"I had gone almost completely blind at that point," said Robert's wife, Kasie.

Robert added a new duty to his list: caretaker.

"He would go straight out of war into having to take care of me and the kids full-time because of my health issues," Kasie said.

But this Everyday Hero just saw it as a chance to help the woman who gave him endless support.

"She was always supportive of me in the military," Robert said. "She would write me letters, send me packages. Not just me, my friends. Sending them packages, making sure they're taken care of."

Robert's time in the military ended.

But Kasie's health problems have remained.

"Today I can walk and function perfectly, tomorrow I might not be. Today I have a migraine, tomorrow I might not," she said.

While doctors haven't been able to pinpoint her condition, she finds strength in the man who has learned to win the hard fights.

"He's hard-headed, but that keeps me from giving up," she said with a laugh.

Kasie said that's why her husband is her hero.

Going to school, working full-time, coaching their children's sports teams, being a member of the VFW…..all while taking care of her when she is unable to care for herself.

"Everyday is a new challenge for us and he's there every step of the way."

The military prepared Robert to handle the worst.

This isn't the worst of life though.

The couple has a lot to celebrate.

And they do, when they can fit it in their crazy schedule.

"I think that's how I handle it," Robert said. "I stay completely busy."

And by doing so he acts as an inspiration to all those who witness his hard work and never ending devotion to family.

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