Heartland family invests in generator after multiple outages

Heartland family invests in generator after multiple outages

(KFVS) - One family is not taking any chances with losing power with these storms anymore.

A family in Fredheim just bought a generator after their home lost power in Saturday's storm.

"We were pretty lucky," Tom Sachse said. "We're just out of power and lost a couple shingles and had some limbs on the ground but not bad at all."

Sachse, his wife as his children were picking up tree limbs in their yard from that broke from the storm. They also assembled the generator they just bought.

"We got tired of sleeping and being in the dark," Sachse said. "Every time the electric is out, we are like everybody else. I'm going to buy a generator. Well you mess around and it comes back on. This time, I'm going to go ahead and do it. I was hoping before we got back, before we got it together, that the electric would be back on. It's not yet."

Sachse's home has been out of power since early evening on Saturday. They weren't going to wait until the power came back on so they got the generator to get back some power and to help save the food in their fridge.

"You don't realize how dark the house is until you go in and, you know what, you know the electricity is off, you go and flip the switch every time when you go in the room," Sachse said.

"It would be nice to know you have that comfort knowing that it's on. Then we can plug in the refrigerator and deep freeze and all that stuff in and not have to worry about it."

Sasche said this isn't the first time they've lost power and have had storm damage to their property.

Earlier this year they had damage to a house when a storm came through the area. This is the same storm that caused an EF-4 tornado that ripped through several counties including damaging many homes in the Perryville area.

Also, they have been through a derecho back in 2008 which caused a lot of damage in their area as well.

Sachse said this generator is an investment for future storms and outages and feels it will come in very handy when they have another outage.

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