Dead fish along Dutchtown Channel, MDC says it's part of nature

DUTCHTOWN, MO (KFVS) - Following flooding hundred of dead fish float in the Dutchtown Channel. The smell bothers people, but the Missouri Department of Conservation says that it's all part of nature.

It's a fact that local fisherman have come to terms with.

"There are a ton of them," said David Ray, a local fisherman who's been fishing ever since he could hold a pole.

The MDC estimates that 500 fish died, most of them are the invasive Asian Carp. The smell was apparent but not overpowering. Christopher Kennedy, a fish expert for the MDC, says he's seen much worse.

"It's not a bad thing, we got to remember that it's the whole ecosystem that benefits from fish kills like this," said Kennedy. "When we're manipulating the way water flows across the land it can have an impact on your fish communities."

The fish died after they use all of the oxygen available in the water and there is no new water added.

As of now the MDC says that there is no apparent health risk to people along the channel.

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