College offers free tuition to all students in West Frankfort, IL

WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - Returning students at Morthland College in West Frankfort, Illinois are in for a treat next semester: free tuition.

It's true, the university has officially offered 100 percent tuition and fees to returning students in good academic standing. The offer is good through their graduation date.

The Executive Vice President, Emily Hayes, explained Morthland Foundation's "ongoing" campaign.

"The Morthland Foundation, last year, pioneered a scholarship fundraising drive. It was called, Forging Futures," Hayes said. "We had many many generous donors/benefactors of the school. People who care about faith-based higher education in Southern Illinois. They raised an excess of $320,000 last year."

Hayes said the heart of the college is to see their student transition to a model where they don't have to graduate with debt.

In addition, the school is not dispersing federal student loans and has transitioned all of their athletic programs to club sports.

The athletic students will not have to worry about their athletic scholarship since their tuition will be covered.

Hayes concluded, "We are doing all that we can to protect [the institution] and to take care of the students we have and to continue to serve the region..."

Furthermore, the college does have scholarship dollars available on a limited basis for prospective students.

This is the email sent to the 104 students on the ground of Morthland College:

"The Morthland Foundation has made the decision to ensure that any current MC student in good academic standing returning to MC will have 100 percent of their tuition and fees covered. Any amount not covered by financial aid funds received by you, will be covered by the generosity of the Morthland Foundation. We are excited to announce this new program, which is renewable through graduation.

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