Severe Weather Strikes Parts of the Heartland

Severe Weather Strikes Parts of the Heartland

By: Lauren Keith

Severe weather did strike several parts of the Heartland Thursday night.  Heartland News heard about damage in several spots, like Carter and Reynolds counties in Missouri .  Also, power outages were reported in Doniphan in Ripley county, but the worst we've seen, at least, happened in Pope county, Illinois.

The Emergency Services Disaster Agency reports about half a dozen homes, along route 146 and Eddyville road near Golconda ,  received extensive damage.  "I said my gosh!  The roof is in the front of the house, and then I looked further and said, the roof to your building is in the tree!" exclaimed Mary Trammel, of Golconda.

The storm damage happened right after mary trammel and her husband decided to go inside their home, and escape the strong winds.  That was certainly a good decision. The roof that once provided shade over the couple's deck now adorns their front yard!  "It's the same size as the deck floor and it just ripped everything from that way to there," said Mary.

Just up the road from the Trammel's, you'll see a tree that fell right onto the Simmon's home!  "We were gone and came home and this is what we found!” said Kathy Simmons.

When the Simmons examined further, they saw their children's small pool, a trampoline, and even a four-wheeler, all scattered throughout their yard.  "I'm just glad nobody got hurt,” said Kathy.   

That's also the way many neighbors feel-, as they start to move forward cleaning up, with even the youngest of helpers pitching in.  “Very lucky, very lucky none of us got hurt and that it can be fixed," said Mary Trammel.

Now, if you'll remember the folks in Pope county aren't strangers to weather damage.  Just this past winter, homeowners near the Ohio river evacuated in the rising flood waters.  Thankfully, those affected by Thursday's damage were not the same homeowners who got flooded out this winter.