Back in business: Alexander Co., IL reopens after Spring Flood '17

MILLER CITY, IL (KFVS) - After a two week long hiatus, an Alexander County business is back open after Spring Flood '17.

Horseshoe Bar and Grill sits right on Horseshoe Lake in Alexander County. They closed their doors on May 2 to protect their business from the rising water.

The owner, Sherry Pecord, said past flood fights have left her paying the cost.  "I'm feeling the financial strain because of the corps of engineers, to be honest with you. If the levee was fixed, the Lens Small Levee, if that was prepared, we wouldn't have had this issue. That's just allowing so much water to flow through this Miller City/Olive Branch area. And we wouldn't have had this issue without that," Pecord explains.

With a semi truck and help from neighbors, patrons and friends, everything in the business was hauled out on May 1.

Even though the water didn't get inside, Pecord said she stands by her decision to close up shop until the water went down.

"No I don't regret moving it all out. I mean, the thought of water getting in here and losing all that," said Pecord. "We just bought this business in January, so I would hate to take a chance of losing a lot of our equipment and our food or whatever, so. I don't regret doing it, it was a lot of work, so you know it was worth it."

Horseshoe Bar & Grill is back open for business as of May 16.

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