Investigation underway in St. Francois Co. after man dies after altercation with officers

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, MO - The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating a death out of St. Francois County.

Missouri Highway Patrol Corporal Juston Wheetley said the man suffered a heart attack after an altercation with a police officer.

According to the Mayor of Iron Mountain Lake, Dustin Stenic, Iron Mountain Lake Officers pulled over a man on Monday, May 8. The man is identified as Richard Rulo.

Highway Patrol officials said an altercation occurred during the stop but Rulo was never taken into custody. The officers then released Rulo.

After his release, Mayor Stenic said Rulo became ill and went to a hospital in Ironton, Missouri.

Steinc said he was then taken to a St. Louis hospital that same day where he died from heart complications.

The next day, the Iron Mountain Lake Board of Alderman decided to let go the Iron Mountain Lake Interim Chief Officer along with another officer due to inappropriate conduct in relation to the scenario with Rulo according to Steinc.

Steinc said they revoked the commissions of two officers and it is a final decision.

Steinc said they wanted to make sure they show transparency after the incident with Rulo. They called the St. Francois County Prosecutor to look into it.

They then called the Missouri Highway Patrol which is currently investigating.

Steinc did add that the Iron Mountain Lake residents shouldn't worry about the lack of police or safety concerns as they have eight other officers in their department.

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