Mayfest brings in over 7,000 to event

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Mayfest kicked off this weekend with plenty of fun and events there in Downtown Perryville, Missouri. 

An estimated 7,500 people were in attendance for the big event. 

To give you an idea how many people that is, the population of Perryville is just over 8,000.

Many people we spoke with said they came for a variety of reasons which include family tradition, shopping, supporting the city and more. 

One woman said she likes the craft fair due to the large amount of vendors. 

"I always come up here and get my Mother's Day gifts," Leslie French said. 

French said this event is great for the city to have the extra revenue from all the people who spend locally there. 

"It's a huge thing for the town as far as tourism, commodities, things like that," French said. "It seems like it brings in, between the soccer games and everything, a very large crowd so I think it does really good for the community."

One vendor we spoke with said she has been coming here for many years and said it helps give them extra money to help with giving her kids a better life.

"I'm a single mom so this is an extra business for my kids to do sports and activities through the year, for us to take family vacation and things like that," Mom's Kettle Corn Owner Dana Evans said. 

For Evans, she said this event is something she will continue to come back to and appreciates all the support from the people that attend the event.

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