Bollinger County Cold Case

Bollinger County Cold Case
By:  CJ Cassidy

Bollinger County, MO -- A cold case in Bollinger County gets some new interest.  You may remember the investigation into the disappearance of 69-year-old Roger Miller in the early nineties.  Miller disappeared from his Zalma home, and hasn't been seen since.

A lot of county resident have seen officers searching the Castor River recently, but when we asked investigators if the search might have had something to do with the cold case, they wouldn't say if the two were connected. Still, the Sheriff admits he has quite a few new leads.

"I feel pretty confident something will surface here," Sheriff Terry Wiseman says, although he wouldn't elaborate on the leads he has. He simply says they've been a long time coming.   Miller disappeared in October 1993.   "Let's just say there are some suspects," Wiseman says.

Investigators believe someone killed Miller inside his home but they never did find his body; and while Miller was declared dead in Civil Court back in 1994, prosecutors would have to prove he was dead behind any reasonable doubt in Criminal Court.  It was Miller's housekeeper, Mary McIntosh who first realized something was wrong.   "I had known Roger for years. He was very organized and always had everything in place that's why with things out of place I didn't think he would do something like this," McIntosh says.

Her hunch proved to be right, and now McIntosh hopes police finally get the answers they need.   "I think it's going to benefit everyone in the community. Roger was a good friend to me and I want to see it end. I want to see whoever did this put behind bars," she says.

Miller's grandson Jesse, is a federal special agent himself.  He says, he has a lot of confidence in Heartland police and believes whoever killed his grandfather will be brought to justice soon.  Anyone with information that might help investigators should call the Bollinger County Sheriff's Department at 573-238-2633.