Changing Practices?

Changing Practices?
By:  Wendy Ray
Cosmetic procedures are big business. You don't have to look far to get rid of unwanted fat or wrinkles, but these procedures aren't just reserved for plastic surgeons anymore. Now some family doctors and OB-GYNs are getting trained to do cosmetic procedures in their offices. Now more women are going to their regular doctor for not only health check-ups, but also their cosmetic needs.
Kristi Sivert didn't have to search too hard to find a doctor who does hair removal. She came to her OB-GYN Michael Jessup. "I'm a patient here and I know all the staff so it seems like the right thing to do," Kristi says. Dr. Jessup started offering aesthetic laser treatments a few months ago. "Certainly my patient base being 100 percent women, probably 90 percent of laser users are women and for years I've strived to provide everything I can for a woman," he says.
Jessup says doctors like him in bigger cities have been offering cosmetic services in their offices for years. He feels the laser treatments will help broaden his clientele. "If I can get women involved in my practice from the laser standpoint then maybe they will come here for other services. I have people coming in from Festus, Arnold, the St. Louis area for laser treatments," Dr. Jessup says.
Some people though have mixed feelings about their doctor playing a different role. "I don't feel comfortable with that," one woman says. "I guess it's okay," another woman says. "As long as I don't have to wait longer when I go to the doctor," one man says.
Dr. Jessup fits cosmetic patients into the extra hours he has in a day. "When they think of where they want to go for medical services hopefully they'll think Jessup's office," he says.
Of course, Dr. Jessup says he received intense training on these laser treatments. It's important to note these cosmetic laser treatments are not covered by insurance, patients have to pay cash. Treatments can be anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred dollars depending on what you have done.