Wayne Co., MO man saved from flood waters by two neighbors

Wayne Co., MO man saved from flood waters by two neighbors

WAYNE COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A Wayne County, Missouri man is shaken up, but alive, after being caught in flash floods over the weekend.

Leroy Jackson, 83, says he would not be alive today if his neighbors hadn't come to his rescue.

"Thank God that I am alive!" said Jackson.

On Saturday, as heavy rain fell, Jackson decided to try his luck at crossing this flooded creek on County Road 314.

"Water was running over the bridge, I knew it wasn't deep enough to cause me to wash off, but I caught a wheel off the bridge and down the river it went," said Jackson.

A short time later, Jackson says his car came to a stop.

"It was laying on it's side and I could not get out of it. Water had getting up to my ear, I look up to the sky and I asked the Lord don't let me drown."

Jackson says the car then went further down the creek until he caught onto a tree branch, pulled himself out and made his way into a nearby field.

"I was weak... I couldn't stand up - I was walking from tree to tree and when I finally got out of the water, so I got on my hands and knees and just starting crawling out the water across the field and that's when I saw a headlight shining towards me where somebody had turned around."

What Jackson saw was his neighbors, Josh Trent and Logan Clay, going to check on their cattle - but the men decided to turn around after they approached the flooded bridge.

"We couldn't cross the creek, so as I pulled into this driveway backing up, as my headlights scanned across the field, I saw something light blue," said Clay.

Clay says he had no clue it was Jackson waving his hands, but the duo quickly went into action.

"We pulled my car up in this ditch and my truck lifted and put it at an angle so it was easy for him to get in," Clay describes. "We didn't have a cell phone or anything because service was real bad, so we drove up to the local bar."

That's where Jackson got the help he needed.

Now, Trent and Clay are being called heroes in their community. But to Jackson, the two men are lifesavers.

"I'm so thankful, I'll be thankful for those boys the rest of my life. I'm thankful for the lord he saved me," said Jackson.

And now, Jackson says he'll think again before driving over a flooded road again.

"I wouldn't even go swimming. I won't be crossing any deep water at all. I learned my lesson and I hope that anyone who sees this learn their lesson too."

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