Kentucky woman returns to school to get degree at MSU

Kentucky woman returns to school to get degree at MSU

MURRAY, KY (KFVS) - A woman from Henderson, Kentucky made a tough choice to leave her job in hopes of earning a Bachelor's degree.

After the lead teacher at a church pre-school changed jobs, Barbra Watson got the chance to move from assistant teacher to lead teacher. In that role, she got to plan lessons and activities for her class while also getting to know the children and their families.

That promotion, according to Watson, solidified her decision to go back to college to earn her bachelor's degree in education.

Watson made the difficult decision to leave her job and pursue a degree in learning and behavior disorders with an emphasis on elementary education at Murray State University's Henderson campus.

"It had always been a dream of mine to go to college and obtain a teaching degree after all my children were old enough to go to school," said Watson. "When my daughter began Kindergarten, I resigned my position. Although it was difficult for me to leave, I knew that it was time to begin my journey toward a career in education."

Watson balances her time between school, her husband and three children, and she said she had to be creative in terms of juggling all of her responsibilities.

Taking classes at Murray State's Henderson campus proved to be convenient for Watson. Not only was she able to complete almost all of her classes in Henderson, she was also familiar with the campus since it shares a location with Henderson Community College. Watson had already completed a degree at HCC, which made it easy to transfer her credits to Murray State.

On May 12, the College of Education and Human Services will award Watson with the Outstanding Scholarship in Learning Behavior Disorders for the highest GPA.

After Watson receives her bachelor's on May 13 and finishes the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program, she plans to work toward a master's degree in special education or literacy as well as national board certification.

"As I begin teaching, my desire is to find and implement strategies that will help maximize the learning outcomes for each of my students, and to help them develop the social and functional skills they need to be successful," Watson said.

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