Tips to stay safe around flood waters

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The best way to stay safe may seem a little obvious, don't get in the water in the first place. There are tons of things that you can't see in those waters which can cause many health problems.

Health officials want you to watch out. The flood waters pose more risk to you than just sweeping you away.

Places like Red Star have standing water which can sometimes trick people into thinking it's safe

But the biggest thing to remember is you can't see what's underneath or even in the water.

Sometimes with floods like this raw sewage can hide in water which can cause all sorts of health hazards if you have an open cut.

Sharp objects may also be lurking underneath the water which is why you need to make sure your tetanus shots are up to date.

Director at the Cape County Health Department Jane Wernsman said, not knowing what's under the water could be one of the biggest safety risks.

"That's right and their could be sharp objects which could cause a puncture wound or you might already have a wound that once you enter those flood water could be infected with any tetanus or debris that is floating in those waters," Wernsman said.

The health department recommends you get a booster on your tetanus shot every 10 years.

Also if you are in any water trying to ensure you don't get any in your mouth is also important.

For even more tips you can find the link here.

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