Alleged Murder Plot

Alleged Murder Plot
By CJ Cassidy
Police say it's not something they get to do as often as they'd like; being proactive instead of reactive.
However, investigators with the Bootheel Drug Task Force say they managed to stop a would-be murderer in his tracks in Kennett, Monday.
"It's a good feeling when you've saved somebody's life. It's not your basic drug deal," an agent with the Task Force says.
Police busted open the alleged murder plot on Kennett's North side.
"An informant told us a bad guy was trying to purchase an assault rifle and a small pistol for a homicide he was planning," the agent says.
So stopping Lee Armstrong immediately became a top priority for investigators.
Investigators used an informant to sell Armstrong the weapons he would need in exchange for crack cocaine.
Police say when you're negotiating with an alleged drug dealer, you use a different type of currency.
"We worked with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. They gave us a weapon modified weapon so it wouldn't fire. Then we put a monitoring device on the informant and we had an arrest team set up as backup," the agent says.
The backup came in handy, as police listened in on Armstrong's conversation with the informant they realized they'd have to act fast.
"The pistol was traded but the guy didn't have enough of the controlled substance to purchase the machine gun. He wanted to put up off until later that afternoon, and we couldn't let him walk the streets with a gun so we took him off the streets," police say.
That's something area residents couldn't be happier about.
"I'm glad they're doing patrolling like they're doing. It keeps drugs off the streets," Mark Thompson says.
Investigators with the Task Force say Armstrong confessed the details of the the murder plot to them.
Armstrong faces charges for delivering a controlled substance and sits in the Dunklin County Jail, pending federal charges.