Prodigy Leadership Academy in Cape Girardeau Co. relocated due to flooding

Prodigy Leadership Academy in Cape Girardeau Co. relocated due to flooding

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - When the community comes together to help in times of need, you really get to see the power of good work.

That is certainly true for the Prodigy Leadership Academy in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

On Monday, administrators of the school that caters to grades pre-k through 10th noticed water coming through the basement.

Concerned with reports of record river levels and worried about the safety of their students, the school quickly reached out to other churches in the area about being able to house their students for the rest of the week.

The Christ Church of the Heartland immediately stepped up.

"We have the space, they're that close to the year end being out that we couldn't say no," Pastor Zachery Strong said. "It was just the prime time. We said come on. No second guessing about it, we just felt like it was the right thing to do."

The staff at Prodigy Leadership says the kids have adjusted exceedingly well and are extremely grateful to be a part of such a helpful community.

"The kids are great," director and co-founder Russell Grammer said. "The kids could tell that this is something that needs to happen and they stepped right into it and families were awesome. It's been a united effort."

The front of the school has been sandbagged and according to Grammer, there are volunteers helping to vacuum up the water spots in the basement.

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