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Murphysboro High School cancels prom due to flood concerns

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Officials at Murphysboro High School have decided to cancel the annual prom due to flooding concerns caused by severe weather.

Form the Murphysboro High School Facebook:

The decision to cancel prom was a tough call. The following issues came into play with making the decision.

1) Safety is the main factor, and understanding decisions needed to be made fast to minimize appointment issues. 

2) Currently the high school roads are closed.  If they opened and we had Prom at MHS we risk the roads closing knowing the next wave of storms is forcasted for 7pm.  MHS was out

3) We can't get the decorations etc until the roads open (if they even do).  In addition students would need to travel through many other areas with similar road concerns to get to town.  Moving the location of Prom would put students in a situation of trying to get there or missing it.  Safe roads in with more rain coming could have unsafe roads home.  Moving locations seemed risky for students.

4) Rescheduling is a hassle but workable.  On last count 75 students with tux rentals and an equal number of hair appointments and dinner reservations.  Again we understand the hassle but are concerned with safety first.  We are meeting today to discuss and plan out when we can have Prom.  

I am sorry for the issues this has caused, and no one making these decisions today are happy with the situation.  I hope you understand and know we will do what we can to ensure Prom is a memory these students will have.

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