Cardwell Water Woes

Cardwell Water Woes
By: Ryan Tate

CARDWELL, MO -- A Missouri Department of Natural Resources official says the Dunklin County town of Cardwell does not have enough chlorine in its water supply. For town leaders, that is good news because it means they do not have bigger problems.
"I drink [the water] all the time, and I don't know what the deal is," Mayor David Bishop said. Bishop says he has drank the city's water for 43 years and had no problem with it. Others disagree.
"The Cardwell water is not for me," Greg McGrew said. McGrew is a former city alderman, and went on a crusade to prove something is wrong with the water. He gathered documents from the D.N.R. to show there are problems with it. He sent the materials to Heartland News and Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson's office. His actions helped produce a Congressional Inquiry into the Cardwell water woes.
Also seeing what's on tap is the Missouri Environmental Protection Agency. According to investigators, they are waiting for results from a St. Louis company on a site that used to house a petroleum bulk plant for 50 years. Those results are due back in 30 days.
As for the D.N.R., investigators say they will keep an eye on Cardwell, in as much as they watch other Missouri towns.