Sheriff and Deputies Arrested

Sheriff and Deputies Arrested
By: Wes Wallace

FAIRFIELD, IL --A Southern Illinois sheriff finds himself on the other side of the law, after a grand jury indicts him and two of his deputies.
On Monday, officers arrested Wayne County Sheriff Everett "Sonny" McCulley, Chief Deputy David Zola, and Deputy Mark Tipps. McCulley and Zola face felony charges of obstructing justice and official misconduct. Tipps faces felony charges of aggravated discharge of a firearm and obstructing justice. That's because court documents claim Tipps fired shots at a suspect back in December of 2004, but didn't include that fact in his police report. According to grand jury indictments, McCulley and Zola were included because they helped furnish false information regarding the incident.
In a news release, Tipps claims the truth will come out when he's allowed to tell his story in court, and that quote "It's truly a disgrace and embarrassment the jealousy and animosity the ISP and State's Attorney Office blatantly express towards the Wayne County Sheriff's Department."
All three men were arrested, and posted bond on Monday.