Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --People in Cape Girardeau may have experienced some moments of panic if they happened to drive by the Schultz School building today. It was the site for some special police training, where officers simulated taking down a shooter on a rampage.  Its what police call an active shooter.

"According to the old police school of thought we would set up a perimeter, and then send in the SWAT team, and it would take 20 minutes to organize and come up with a plan, during which time a lot of people would be maimed and killed," Lt. Roger Fields with the Cape Girardeau Police Department explains.
So the scenario is geared towards drawing quick action from patrol officers.
"We're the first ones on the street and we could be half a block away when the call comes," Officer Josh Smith admits the training's much more intense than what he's used to as a patrolman, but points out the idea of this level of violence is harldly far fetched; it happened at Paducah's Heath High School, back in December 1997.
"With all the school shootings that have happened in the past, it's definetely important that today's law enforcement are all trained to handle anything," Officer Smith says.
Still the first officers to go in must remember their mission; taking down the shooter; even if it means by-passing critically injured.victims.
"It's tough to walk by someone who's begging for help but by the same token have to realize that other people are getting killed," Fields says.
That's why police say it's so critical that all street officers take the training. They have to fight their instincts to stop and help the wounded.
About 150 officers from several different police agencies in Cape Girardeau County will go through the training.