This week in music: 1989 Like a Prayer

This week in music: 1989 Like a Prayer

(KFVS) - Let's drop a couple of quarters into The Breakfast Show Juke Box of memories.

Today we check out the hits from this week  28 years ago.

For the final week of April, 1989, Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 had Deon Estus at number five with Heaven Help Me. Estus had been a bass player for the pop group Wham!  George Michael provided additional vocals on this first and only Hot 100 hit for Estus.

At number four was the British band Fine Young Cannibals.  She Drives Me Crazy was a number one hit  from the group's album The Raw and the Uncooked.

The song in the number three spot stirred up a lot of conversation. Tone-Loc's Funky Cold Medina refers to a fictional love potion. You may remember the video where Tone-Loc tests the potion on a dog.  As the song became popular, several different cocktails were introduced with the name Funky Cold Medina.

Bon Jovi was at number two with the power ballad I'll Be There For You. It was the group's four and final number on hit.  Some music critics say the verses are very similar to The Beatles song Don't Bring Me Down.

And in the top spot was Madonna. Her hit Like a Prayer has lyrics with duel meanings for both religion and sexual innuendo.  While the song was controversial, the video caused a downright uproar.  It features a murder, a cross burning, Catholic symbols and a dream about kissing a black saint.  The Vatican condemned the video. Religious groups boycotted Pepsi which used the song in a commercial.  The backlash was so bad, Pepsi not only pulled the ad but also canceled Madonna's contract with the soft drink company.

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