Pet Urine Spot Lawn Remover

Pet Urine Spot Lawn Remover
By: Amy Jacquin

Dogs like to go to the bathroom in the same spots. That means brown, burnt patches of grass.
But Pet Urine Spot Lawn Restorer may make your neighbors green with envy. It promises to hide yellow spots and rejuvenate your lawn, immediately.

If your dog piddles in the same spot over and over again, you will see a problem. But Pet Urine Spot Lawn Restorer says no more burnt spots. It claims to immediately hide yellow spots while rejuvenating your grass. It dries in seconds and lasts through many rain showers.

Amy sprays one of three spots in a yard, but after five minutes. It's hard to tell which one she sprayed. She saturates a second spot, to see if that makes any difference, no changes at all.

The label says "for immediate green grass," but even spraying it on a piece of white paper, makes only a little green tint.

We get another opinion from Southeast Missouri State University Assistant Professor Derald Harp. Sounds like paint to me!" Harp says. So he tries it on a patch of yellow grass, and nothing happens. "Maybe if we pour it on?" he wonders. "Would it work then?" The answer is no. There's not enough color to see a difference. "That's actually funny!" Harp laughs.

Directions say to avoid contact because it may stain your clothing. You can see where it's dripped around the cap, even though it's screwed on tight. And Amy's hand is stained. It won't stain grass green, but it stained her skin.

There are legitimate lawn paint products out there, for temporary fixes only. Doctor Harp says the best solution is to train your pet to go in an area filled with mulch. "Because it gets into the mulch and breaks down," explained Harp. "It won't burn your plants."

The Pet Urine Spot Lawn Restorer does not color your lawn green. It barely tints a piece of white paper. The only thing it does stain well is your skin. So it flunks out and earns an 'F."