Bloomfield beekeeper trying to help repopulate bees using mite resistant breed

Bloomfield beekeeper trying to help repopulate bees using mite resistant breed

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - Bee problems have been talked about more and more. Between humans killing them, food becoming more and more scarce to find, and mites it's been a real problem for some beekeepers to keep their hives healthy.

One of the ways that keepers have been combating mites specifically is the use of chemicals to deter mites from making into the hives at all. But for the owner of the Stevens Bee Company, Cory Stevens, that wasn't enough.

"The main thing we're doing is breeding bees that can combat mites themselves," Stevens said. "There's kind of a demand for it, and there are a couple hobbyist producers, which that's what I was for quite some time, but there's just not a lot of supply."

Stevens keeps two types of bees at his house, one has learned how to remove young mites from a hive when they are still in the larvae stage.

The other knows how to remove mites from a bee already bitten.

"We've actually crossed the two and we're hoping that if we can get both traits in the same bee, that, you know, two's better than one."

What started out as a hobby for Stevens is now a business where he ships bees across the country to other keepers in need of queens.

The queens are shipped in a small plastic cage with four to five worker bees to keep her healthy.

The cage has a sugar cork, which is the food for the bees, and it allows them to eat their way out into the hive when they're placed.

If you are interested in buying bees from Stevens, you can find his website here.

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