Advance, MO couple celebrates 69 years together

Heartland couple celebrates 69 years together with church family

ADVANCE, MO (KFVS) - Keeping a marriage going strong is a cause for celebration.

One couple from Advance, Missouri celebrated 69 years together on Sunday, April 23.

Melba and Norman Elledge have some pretty great friends, and today they had a  surprise wedding anniversary.

They had a potluck lunch where the couple got to share a meal with three of their four kids as well as their church family.

They said that the church helped them make it through this long and also helped raise their kids, but the love from them today is what means the most.

"It's very special of the people doing what they've done today I feel it's very meaningful and something that will give me a boost for a good while..."

Near the desert table they also had a list of what some of the things cost back in 1948 when they got married like a gallon of gas that only cost 16 cents.

They said it was one of their best anniversaries and that is all thanks to the surprise celebration.

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