Cape Girardeau, MO residents receive $3,300 bill for sewer repair

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Some Cape Girardeau residents owe the city thousands of dollars for a sewer line repair because of decisions made more than 100 years ago.

Two years ago, some residents on Marie street discovered that their sewer line was not a city managed sewer line but actually a private line. It has been that way since it was built in the early 1900s.

The city and homeowners came to an agreement where the homeowners helped with some of the bills and the city replaced the pipes and take them on as city city-owned lines.

Two years later the owners are just now getting the $3,300 bill each and a possible lien on their property if it's left unpaid after five years. The city says that while this isn't unheard of, most people know if they have private sewer lines when they buy their home.

"This isn't as uncommon as you might think," said Joseph Uzoaru, the city councilman who represent that ward. "It's just that this incident in its fit form is somewhat uncommon."

Even with that explanation, some residents are okay with paying - but they still don't like the idea.

Basically, our choice was to let it [stay private] or let the city help us and that did save us some money," said David Scherer. "But that is a lot of money to pay for something that we thought we would never have to pay."

The city did help with $47,000 of the $80 thousand dollar project.

They also allowed the homeowners to make payments over 5-10 years.

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