Everyday Hero: Mike Wicoff

Many people would qualify a bed as a basic need.

But for some, it's a luxury they can't afford.

One local mattress maker is picking people up off the floor and giving them a place to lay their head for free.

"Starts with the spring, then layers of cushioning, put the cover on it, sew the cover up, label it and send it out."

Mattress making boiled down to its most basic level.

A process Mike Wicoff has down to a science after years of supplying mattresses to the Heartland.

"Well I was selling furniture and mattresses and I didn't like what was available to people," said Everyday Hero Mike Wicoff. "I was like if they put a little extra in here, they'd have a good product."

30 years later, he has a showroom full.

But about two years ago, he went from salesman to Good Samaritan for one place seeing a particular need.

"She just called me one day and said we were wondering, we have somebody moved in, doesn't have anything, no bed, no mattress and we were wondering if you can help. And I said, well I think we could do that," Wicoff recalled.

What Mike didn't know, was that coordinator with Carbondale Towers had been calling all day trying to find some company willing to donate.

He was the first to say yes.

"Beds are very difficult items to find, especially to have someone willingly donate," said Carbondale Towers Service Coordinator Joanna Simpson-Abel.

Thus began an important partnership between this HUD complex of 300 residents and Sterling Mattress Factory.

For Mike, it's just part of his simple life philosophy.

"We try to just treat people right, that's the main thing," Wicoff said.

But for Joanna Simpson-Abel, who's tasked with helping those residents, it's a God send.

"To provide a bed and good night's sleep and what that does for their living environment and what that does for their dignity in getting reestablishment housing is just amazing," said Simpson-Abel.

It was a one-time request, but Mike has answered the call many times since.

"15 beds later they're still very generously getting our people off the floor, getting to have a wonderful night's sleep."

"What you do to the least of these, you do to me. I mean it's just….sometimes doing the right thing is your own reward," Wicoff said.

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