Does It Work: E-Cloth

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cleaning glass and windows can be a pain, and without ammonia or other chemicals, you'll likely see streaks.

The makers of a product called E-Cloth claim their microfiber cloth can leave glass streak free using only water, but does it work?

To put E-Cloth to the test, we turned to the crew at Teen Challenge Car Wash in Cape Girardeau.

"They're actually students in the teen challenge program," said Teen Challenge Car Wash manager Josh Jones. "It's a 14-month, faith-based program for drug and alcohol rehab."

Part of the Teen Challenge Program is learning to work, but no matter how good the workers get at doing the job – windows always pose a challenge.

"What we do is spray it with an ammonia-free spray and wipe it down, then take another rag and wipe it dry," said Jones. "We use waffle rags."

Could E-Cloth be a better way?

The makers of E-Cloth claim their machine-washable, reusable microfiber cloth eliminates the need for harsh chemicals.

"It would be cool," said Jones. "Not only to use less chemicals, but also it'd be cheaper."

Still, Jones said a quality clean is of paramount importance. He was not sure a rag with water alone is up to the task of a streak-free clean, no matter how many microfibers it has.

"If we used one of our waffle rags with just water, it would smear," said Jones. "And leave water droplets all over it."

We weren't going to make it easy on E-Cloth and simply pit it up against regular road grime. We added Carmex lipgloss and some old lipstick for good measure. Both substances are greasy, sticky and repel water.

The combination proved difficult for the Teen Challenge rags and spray.

"It smears it," said Jones. "It's still pretty streaky with the cleanser."

Up next: could  E-Cloth wipe away a new round of lipgloss and lipstick using just water?

"I'm already nervous because it repels water," said Jones looking at the wet window with beads of water covering it.

Jones wiped the E-Cloth across the driver's side window and appeared to strain. The E-Cloth was gripping the greasy substance, making it difficult for Jones to wipe.

"It takes a little bit to get it off, but I've never seen water clean like that," said Jones.

Since it is not common to have chapstick and lipstick smeared all over one's windows, we wanted to see how E-Cloth would do on a bug-coated bumper.

With the waffle rag and spray, the Teen Challenge workers had to put in a lot of extra elbow grease.

"It's just a lot of scrubbing with the spray," said Jones.

When water and E-cloth were applied to the other half of the same bumper, Jones was impressed.

"Wow," said Jones. "Actually it does really good. That's literally no chemicals, just water. That's the thing, even over here we use chemicals to de-bug. I am really impressed at that. "

The crew at Teen Challenge Car Wash gave E-Cloth four stars on this Does It Work test.

The manufacturer guarantees every E-Cloth for up to 300 machine washes.

We purchased our E-Cloth for $7.99 at Ken's Ace Hardware in Jackson, Missouri.

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