Workout for summer worthy legs

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Shorts weather is upon us.

To get ready, local fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson shared the perfect leg workout.

"I have a workout today that you can do anywhere," Crowson said. "I have four exercises for you and this is for summer worthy legs."

1. The curtsy squat:
"Basically, you're just going to bring your leg behind you as if you're doing a little curtsy," Crowson said. "You're going to drop that knee down and back up."

Crowson said this exercise works the outside of the quadriceps, which is the front of the thigh,  and the glut muscles.

2. Balancing squat:

"This is kind of unusual," Crowson said. "You're just going to go down into a squat.  Your feet are about shoulder width apart. When you come up, you're going to grab the ankle and just hold it for a second or two and then back down."

3. Reverse lunge with a knee lift:

"So, this is just a regular lunge," Crowson said. "If you have step or a stair, start on the elevated surface.  Then, bring your back leg back and then at the top just lift that knee."

4. Hopping chair squat:

"This is a tough one," Crowson said.
You start with your feet together.

From there, you bend your knees to a squat position.

Staying in the squat position, pop your feet out, raising your arms over your head, and then back to the start position.

Crowson recommends to do this working three times a week, but avoid doing it consecutive days.

"Three sets per exercise, 15 to 20 reps," Crowson said.  "As you get stronger, you can increase the set range to as many as five."

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