IDPH: Students at Carmi-White High School test positive for norovirus, not food poisoning

CARMI, IL (KFVS) - The Illinois Department of Public Health has released the results of an investigation after dozens of students at Carmi-White High School got sick after their prom.

Investigators with the IDPH say the students tested positive for norovirus, not food poisoning.

Nearly 50 high school students got sick after eating food for their pre-prom meal that came from an Indiana restaurant. The owner of the restaurant became the center of the "food poisoning" investigation.

Investigators say they still can't pinpoint the exact source of the virus due to the fact that there are several ways it can spread. They believe it could have come from a single person or a specific meal, but there was no evidence or indication the meal the students ate before their prom had anything to do with the sickness.

The school posted a public health survey for students earlier this month to fill out hoping to help health inspectors pinpoint what caused the illness.

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