4/16/17 - Please Donate

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

We've had some beautiful days lately, and chances are you're opening up your home and doing some spring cleaning. While you're sorting through things and deciding what to get rid of, we'd like to encourage you to donate your unwanted items to local thrift stores or charities. The Heartland is full of them, like women's safe houses, Teen Challenge, Salvation Army, and countless others.

These days it's easier than ever to sell used items online. But before you do, consider this: When you donate instead of sell, you're not only keeping local charities afloat, but you are also helping your neighbors in need. Now, we're not asking you to donate a family heirloom worth hundreds of dollars. But before you try and sell that shirt for five bucks ask yourself: Do you really need those couple of dollars, or could someone else use it instead? Why not take that item that you don't even want anymore and do some good with it?

So what can you donate you ask? Many charity-based thrift stores have lists on their websites detailing what kind of items they need, and some will even come pick them up to make it easier. And remember, make sure what you donate is gently used and clean. While people in need are surely grateful for any help, I'll bet they don't want your old grease-covered work pants.

So before you sell it or trash it, consider donating it to help those in need.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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