Fake animal control vehicles reported in Marion, IL

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Animal Care And Control in Marion, Illinois warns pet owners to be on the look out for fraudulent animal control vehicles in the area.

Workers urge people to watch out for a Dodge Ram truck or any other vehicle driven by persons that claim to be with animal control without official markings that indicate a City or County Animal Control vehicle.

The City of Marion Police Department said these persons look for docile animals to approach and take. They have reportedly lured pets off property or have taken them out of people's yards.

Officials said all area Animal Control vehicles are clearly marked and identified with government plates and municipal or county markings.

The reported fraudulent vehicles only have a sticker or magnet on the doors saying "Animal Control".

According to the police department, thefts of pets have been reported on Cochran Rd/Moake School Rd. near Marion, as well as in the Cambria, Il area in recent days.

People are asked to notify your nearest law enforcement officials with any sightings or information to help locate and positively identify these persons and hopefully recover these stolen pets.

In the mean time, they said to be very aware of your outside pets in kennels and on tie-out cables.

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