Rising Mississippi river level gives Alexander Co. residents reasons for concern

ALEXANDER COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Mississippi River is set to crest on Tuesday, April 11 and one flood gate is already closed in Cape Girardeau.

But across the river in Alexander County, even minor flooding is a major concern, after the levee there broke in last year's severe floods.

The corps of engineers has said it won't fix it, so local farmers said they'll do it themselves. But the farmers are waiting for a dryer season to be able to repair the hole.

This leaves some residents with more concern.

"The reminder is always here," Jenifer Korte said.

She and her neighbor's house are protected by a personal levee made out of dirt and a small concrete wall.

They added more to it before last year's floods, which is what they credit their homes being undamaged to. But even then they want it fixed.

"We got to get the levee fixed at some point you would think," Korte said. "I mean that would be a huge relief, then you could take what levee we have here out."

He neighbor Jim Taflinger also sits as the secretary for the Levee district. He says they originally tried to get approval.

"Our problem is, it's been one year and four months and the corps of engineers haven't given us a permit for us to even fix the levee," Taflinger said.

The Corps told the district that they wouldn't be repairing it last winter which is what's caused the delay.

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