Saluki Day features nearly 20 events in Carbondale for region support

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Nearly 20 service projects in and around Carbondale, Illinois on Saturday, April 1, focused on many areas including safety, cleaning up and fun to name a few. 

It's all part of The Big Event where SIU students served their community. 

Over 1,000 students, faculty and staff volunteered their time at these events. They did it in appreciation of the region's support of the university and its people.

We caught up with volunteers at the Stay Safe Family Fun Fest at the Carbondale Superblock. 

This event was sponsored by the Jackson County Healthy Communities Coalition and other organizations. 

They helped with the family fun event promoting safety and set up activities for kids. 

"Given that we're in the start of Spring. We're heading into Summer and the kids are going to be real active. Safety is really an important issue. It's a big public health issue. So we wanted to focus on that," Jackson County Health Department Director of Health Education Michelle McLearnon said. "The other important thing is that with all of the coalition members here, the community can learn about all the services that we have to offer residents in Jackson County." 

Some of those safety areas people were able to read about at the various booths set up there. They include fire safety, car safety, bike safety, health awareness and more. 

"I saw a sun safety booth!" Volunteer Gabe Casher said. "I'm not from Southern Illinois but the sun here sure is hot. And so that's something I'm definitely going to be checking out when I have a chance."

Other events in the area focus on Autism awareness, yard work, tree planting and more.

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