Groundbreaking For a New Baseball Stadium

Groundbreaking For A New Baseball Stadium
By: Ryan Tate

MARION, IL --Local and State politicians gathered in Marion, Illinois, Tuesday, to dedicate a new baseball stadium. The facility will be for minor league baseball, but owners have not said where the team will come from or what the name will be. According to Southern Illinois Baseball Group Lead Investor John Simmons, the team could start play as early as 2006, but more than likely, 2007.
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's statistical team believes the 4,000-seat stadium will be create120 jobs and generate $4-million in annual economic activity for the region.
"I can visualize the stadium behind me right now," Marion Mayor Bob Butler said. Butler and the Marion City council approved a 1/4 cent sales tax increase back in February, which goes into affect next month. The city also received $3 million dollars in grant money from the state for the facility.
Simmons says he will meet with contractors and architects in the next week to draw up plans for the stadium, and believes they could start building by the end of the summer.