Helping forests by fighting oak decline

Helping forests by fighting oak decline

MISSOURI (KFVS) - The Mark Twain National Forest wants to hear from you when it comes to promoting healthy forests.

The Forest Health Initiative project is an effort to fight oak decline by removing hazardous trees and allowing new oak and pine to grow.  In addition, this will make the forest safer for visitors and firefighters.

Firefighters say to keep an eye out for dangerous conditions like widow-makers (large limbs that could fall), dead trees about to fall and trees that are dying and leaning that could fall at any time.

Drought conditions along with other stress factors have resulted in the need to harvest the red oak group and white oak before they die.

Once problem areas have been identified, officials can start the recovery process.

To learn more, go to or www.facebook.come/marktwainnationalforest.

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