How to protect your personal information after privacy-lifting law passes Congress

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - After congress's decision to overturn the privacy protection enacted under the Obama administration, people in the tech and privacy communities were up in arms.

The main question is, without these regulations, how do you protect your personal information from being sold?

According to Michael Walker at Cape Computer Repair in Cape Girardeau, the best way is a VPN.

That's a Virtual Protected Network which encrypts your search history and other information so your provider can't sell it. Without one of these Walker says it's almost impossible to protect your info.

Assume you're being spied on, assume your traffic is being logged," said Walker. "And do something about it, you don't just have to hope your data is handled appropriately, there are steps you can take, like a VPN."

These services aren't free but some options run you around $8 a month and can be found online.

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