Does It Work: Clickless High Heel Protectors

Does It Work: Clickless High Heel Protectors
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - If you wear high heels, you may know the heartache of losing the tip of your heel and having to walk around on an exposed nail.

The makers of a product called Clickless High Heel Protectors claim their plastic heel covers can protect your heels and keep them from clicking, but does it work?

To put Clickless High Heel Protectors to the test, we turned to Calvina Cutrell, a real estate agent who's always on the move.

"I'm constantly on my feet walking, showing houses, going through inspections, putting signs in yards which usually makes me step through mud or rocks and it completely destroys my shoes," said Cutrell.

Case in point: her favorite sensible, yet sassy maroon heels. The heel tips have fallen off, and the leather on the heel itself is becoming tattered and worn.

"I love these shoes," said Cutrell. "I have had these for so long, it's been probably seven years. My husband thinks they're ugly, but I would love to keep wearing them."

Unfortunately, without the heel tips the exposed metal nails click with every step, and when Cutrell shows a house - it's her shoes doing the talking.

Cutrell hopes Clickless High Heel Protectors can extend the life of her favorite heels, and protect other pairs from meeting the same fate.

Our sample pack of Clickless came with four heel protectors in four sizes.

We cut off the raggedy, damaged leather from the tips of Cutrell's heels, and put the smallest-sized Clickless.

The Cutrell put her heels back on and took a walk around.

"I think they work," said Cutrell. "I can also tell there's a difference in the stability, I have a base to stand on instead of just that single nail."

The true test was yet to come. We wanted to see if Clickless would survive sinking in the front yard when Cutrell checked a for sale sign.

"Obviously, I'm still sinking in. It's not going to stop that, but they do stay on," said Cutrell.

Next, Cutrell tried out Clickless on a couple other pairs of heels. Both still had their heel tips intact, but were wearing down.

On her pink party shoes, Cutrell was not crazy about the color. We only had brown Clickless protectors and she felt the colors clashed.

"It doesn't look as bad on the black I think," said Cutrell. "It's still not beautiful, but it would do the job, I think."

Cutrell is most excited that Clickless offered new life to her beloved old heels.

"That's very exciting," said Cutrell.

Cutrell gave Clickless High Heel Protectors four stars on this Does it Work test.

Clickless High Heel Protectors are available in packages of seven pairs of different size for $14.50 on Amazon or the product website.

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