City of Carbondale announces city-wide branding campaign

City of Carbondale announces city-wide branding campaign

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The  City of Carbondale announced plans to develop a city-wide brand.

The public is asked to tell Carbondale's unique story.

According to the city, the branding process includes both quantitative and qualitative research that will be gathered from focus groups, community meetings, survey instruments and interviews will local and regional leaders.

"I think the messages are kind of mixed, what tourism sends, what the businesses send out. This will kind of bring everyone together," said Carbondale Public Relations Officer Amy Fox. "We would share a common message, so we are trying to unify the entire community."

This project could last upwards of 10 months.

The finished project could be available as early as September.

What makes Carbondale so unique? The city wants to hear from you.

North Star Destination Strategies, Inc. was hired to help develop the brand. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee where it works exclusively on community and state-wide branding campaigns.

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