What to know: Creditors to call collecting owed taxes

What to know: Creditors to call collecting owed taxes

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - In April, if you get a phone call saying you owe taxes, it might not be a scam after all.

The important thing to remember is that it won't be the IRS themselves, which Joey Keys with the Better Business Bureau said makes it all the more confusing.

"The IRS was already our top scam, and so, now we look for it to probably to stay at the top." Keys said.

You may get these calls. The phone rings. They say you owe money on your taxes, and normally you might hang up on them. However, starting in April, it may be an actual collection call.

"Now you're not only telling them to watch out for the IRS, you're also telling them to watch out for companies that may be working with the IRS contacting consumers," Keys said.

The IRS posted online that if you owe them money, those debts will be sent to four agencies for collection: Conserve, Pioneer, Performant, and the CBE Group.

"The thing to remember still is The IRS will notify you by mail first," Keys said.

The IRS will send you a letter informing you what you owe, and what agency will call you.

They won't threaten you, this includes jail time.

They won't tell you to pay with pre-paid debit cards or money orders and you won't pay the collection agency.

You'll need to pay the IRS directly.

However, with the volume of fake calls, this may cause a problem for the collection agencies.

"Well, I used to be in law enforcement so I'm immediately suspicious when someone doesn't answer the phone and say hello, so I just hang up," said Cape Girardeau resident Matt Bloomfield.

"People who get fooled by these, can't do anything anymore because they can't inform anyone regarding these things," said Cape Girardeau resident Rudrakesh Goginea.

"Scammers can be very convincing. So, they may make you think you received a notice that you didn't receive. Just be really careful of who you're talking to. Definitely air on the side of caution at all times if you receive one of these phone calls," Keys said.

So remember, if you owe you will get a letter from the IRS in the mail.

They will let you know which creditor will contact you, and never pay anyone but the IRS directly.

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