Everyday Hero: Sandra Mick

Everyday Hero: Sandra Mick

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - All too often we hear about the tragic effects of drug addiction.

This month's Everyday Hero is using her journey to sobriety to help other women cast drugs from their lives.

And in the process they're gaining a community full of faith and love.

This house on the corner of Alice and Apple Street is unlike any other in Poplar Bluff.

The word of God is never far from sight or sound in this home.

The aptly named Recycling Grace Women's Center is a haven for women who are struggling with addiction.

"I was using drugs in the early 80s and really in a hopeless place in my life."

Sandra Mick is a former drug addict and ordained Assembly of God minister.

This women's center is her passion project.

"We feel like there's no hope once we've been involved in addiction and I want everybody to know that there is hope, you can be free from it," said Everyday Hero Sandra Mick.

She knows because she's done it herself.

After years of using drugs she's been living drug-free since December 2, 1982.

"One night I was laying in bed and I invited God to come into my life," Mick recalled

A moment she remembers vividly.

"And I got up the next day, I had over 1,000 hits of speed, prescription drugs, marijuana, I had alcohol. This was December 3, 1982 all that left my house, I threw it all away," Mick said.

Sandra knew she couldn't do it alone.

She relied on God to help her through the struggle and to give her the strength to resist temptation.

And here she's created a faith-based non-profit to help other women lead a clean life.

"God's blessed me not just so I can sit around and be blessed, but so I can be a blessing."

The women who have come through this center call her more than that.

She's saving their life.

"Recycling Grace to me is more than a women's center, it's a place for restoration."

Erin English was addicted to meth.

"The State of Missouri stepped in and have taken temporary custody of my kids and that's a mother's nightmare," said English.

So Erin decided to get clean.

She went to rehab and then enrolled in the 90 day program at Recycling Grace to continue her journey to sobriety.

She's one of more than 30 women to walk through these doors in search of the strength and community to help them stay clean.

Alexandria Heinz is another one of them.

"And even though I'm four hours away everyone still communicates with me and checks on me and supports me in anything that I need," Heinz said.

That's exactly what Sandra had in mind when she built this home eight years ago.

She felt it was a necessity for the community and apparently so did the many donors who made it all possible.

"We did everything durable, but not elaborate. We wanted it to last because we don't plan on going away any time soon," said Mick with a hopeful smile.

Click here to find out more about Recycling Grace Women's Center and how you can donate to their cause.

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