Earthquake Meeting in Dyersburg Draws Crowd

Earthquake Meeting in Dyersburg Draws Crowd
By: Ryan Tate

DYERSBURG, TN --Scientists and Emergency Management Coordinators held a public forum in Dyersburg, TN to discuss earthquakes Monday. According to the Center for Earthquake Research and Information, 83 tremors hit the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the past six months.
"We are not aware of what the reasons are. We know some underlying things but we are limited in the understanding of the situation," Dr. Stephen Horton said. Horton is a professor at the University of Memphis.
"The number one questions is 'when is the big one going to hit.' Sadly I can't answer that," Jim Wilkinson said. Wilkinson is the Executive Director of the Central United States Earthquake Consortium. The organization helps people prepare for earthquakes.
"If you look at the threats, hurricanes, terrorism, thankfully we haven't had an earthquake in a while, but it's just a matter of time," Wilkinson said.
The most recent earthquakes centered in Kentucky June 19th and 20th. They measured between two and four on the Richter Scale. According to scientists, the possibility of a "Big One" hitting the Heartland is seven percent.