Marion, IL family offers support for those with skin condition

A recent story about a boy with Vitiligo who made friends with a dog with the same disease has similarities to one right here in the Heartland.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes a loss of skin color anywhere on the body. The disease affects both people and animals.

Jamie and Dawn Reid of Marion, IL made the 28 hour trip to Gardendale, Texas to pick up their new dog, Jack.

Jack appears to have a white coat, but splashes of brown weave themselves into his hair around his mouth and feet.

Jack's family said the disease only affects the way he looks, and should not give him any health issues.

If there are any kids around here with that same condition, the family hopes Jack can somehow help.

"I'm looking forward to anything he can possibly do, if there is any other kids or anything with this disease, you know I want to bring him over, you know check this out. You are not going to do this alone. There's other creatures on this world like you and it doesn't matter how you look you are going to be loved no matter what."

Would you like to follow Jack and see what he's up to? Well, get on Facebook.

MARION, IL (KFVS) - The family has set up a page where they lovingly refer to their dog as Captain Jack.

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