Officer stabbed, civilians hit by car near British parliament in London

Police are treating an attack in London as a "terrorist incident until we know otherwise." An officer was stabbed by an assailant who was then shot by officers.
It happened outside the house of Parliament.
The Associated Press reported that a car plowed into a group of people on nearby Westminster Bridge.
They also said police have reported 5 deaths after the attack.
A doctor at a hospital in London said about a dozen others were hurt, some with what the doctor described as "catastrophic injuries."
We're told Britain's session of Parliament has been suspended and the chamber was locked down. 
The threat level for international terrorism in the United Kingdom is listed at severe.
According to Jak Tichenor, Director at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, reminds people to maintain our own caution in the U.S.
As a political expert, Tichenor explains how the British will be very careful to make sure this incident is not a part of a larger wave of attacks.
He uses the term “situational awareness”, reminding people to be aware of our surroundings.
“I think, to a certain degree, we are always going to have to be mindful of this. We’ve seen terrorism on our own shores. In isolated incidents and 9/11 of course. A mass casualty coordinated attack on the US…we always have to keep our guard up, I don’t think there is any question about that," Tichenor describes.

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