Greenskeeper tips for a lush, green lawn

Greenskeeper tips for a lush, green lawn

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - It's springtime and that means getting our lawns ready for some warmer temperatures.

We got some expert advice from someone who works with grass and greens on a daily basis, Head Greenskeeper at Kimbeland Country Club, Dusty Cattoor.

Dusty recommends basically three things to get your lawn ready for the spring.

First, take a soil test in the springtime. A soil test will let you know what nutrients your soil has now and what it needs going forward. Dusty recommended a Ph level of 6-7.5 on a 14 point scale. A soil test can be picked up at any lawn and garden store for around $15.

Second tip, use pre-emergent weed killer for crab grass and goose grass. For other weeds, Dusty said pick up some 2, 4-d weed killer. All of this is also available at any lawn and garden store.

Thirdly, and this might surprise you, water less often in the spring.

Dusty said it's best to let your grass wilt a little bit and then do infrequent, deep waterings. This will allow the roots to grow nice and deep into the soil and deeper roots will help sustain the grass through the stress of the summer months.

He said an inch to two inches of water on your lawn a couple times a week in the spring.

Use these tips to get your lawn looking at manicured and green as a golf course!

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