37 Years ago everyone was asking Who Shot JR?

37 Years ago everyone was asking Who Shot JR?

(KFVS) - It was on this date March 21, 1980 the CBS Prime Time soap opera Dallas provided us with a cliff hanger that had everyone talking all summer long.

Throughout the 3rd season of Dallas,  JR Ewing had made enemies all over Texas, from oil men he cheated to women he'd mistreated to family members he'd angered.   All this finally came to a head in the season finale.
Late one night someone waits outside his office at Ewing Oil and shoots JR.   The cliffhanger leads to a summer of "Who Shot JR?" debates and theories.

The following fall--when it's finally revealed who shot the oil baron, it's a ratings bonanza for CBS.  The Who Done It episode draws in 90 million viewers--or 76% of the U.S. television audience. That was a record at the time.  It was broken two years later by the final episode of MASH.

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