Heartland gets small quakes, but may not be a sign of something bigger

(KFVS) - Have you been shaken by any of the recent earthquakes that rattled the Bootheel or parts close to it?

The U.S. Geological Survey reports four earthquakes of 2.1 magnitude or larger have hit since March 9.

Some of you are asking on social media: what does all this seismic activity mean?

Those earthquakes may be concerning when they happen, but a professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia said they are normal.

Professor Mian Liu said quakes like this happen from time to time.

However, a cluster of earthquakes doesn't necessarily mean a large one is on the way.

Liu said the most fascinating thing about these earthquakes is that we have them all.

"Actually, for earthquakes in Missouri it's a big puzzle, because it happens in the interior of a relatively stable continent. The future earthquake hazard is hard to assess, and these small earthquakes - right now it does not show anything is abnormal," Professor Liu said.

Liu said earthquakes that are around a 2.0 to a 4.0 won't do much damage.

So when you feel that shake it's good to take note, but nothing to worry about.

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