Cleanup continues weeks after EF4 tornado rips through Perry County

PERRY COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Cleanup efforts continue in Perry County, MO weeks after the E-F-4 tornado hit the area devastating many homes.

We caught up with volunteers at a home along Highway V in Perry County, Mo on Saturday, March 18.

Dozens were on hand to help a family picking up the pieces weeks later after the tornado hit.

Paul Schroeder said he is so grateful for the ongoing support during this time.

"It's nice to have a community that way," Schroeder said. "Just mind boggling. Thank God we have people like that."

Members with St. Andrew's Church in Cape Girardeau, Mo helped out as well as they were cutting up knocked down trees and branches along with picking up debris in the yard.

"Look around. It's obviously everywhere," Bob Lichtenegger said. "Plus to know the family here, they have yet to experience their house o be taken completely down. So it's not just the physical help, it's the mental help. That's going to come weeks and years to come."

Schroeder feels he was lucky the tornado didn't take his life. He also feels he is lucky to have so much support from the communities in the area as well.

"Even the neighbors here, you wouldn't believe all the damage that was done," Schroeder said. "But there again, people get in there and help each other. It's a good feeling that people are that close."

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