3/19/17 - Smoke Free Restaurants

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

A family outing shouldn't be a health hazard. And make no mistake, if you take your family to a venue that allows smoking, that's exactly what it is.

Did you know that 41,000 non-smokers die every year from a second-hand smoke related illness. Shouldn't we be doing more to prevent that?

One of the things that shocks me about the Heartland is that many cities and towns have been slow to take action on prohibiting smoking in public buildings. There are many municipalities that banned smoking more than 10 years ago, but not here. A couple of years ago voters in Cape Girardeau actually rejected a ban on smoking in public places.  But since then, something interesting has happened. The customers have demanded a change, and finally a number of businesses in the city have taken  it upon themselves to go smoke free.  And you know what? They did not go out of business. As a matter of fact they are thriving. Even some of the loudest opponents of the proposal kicked the habit, and that decision should be an example for businesses that think they can't survive without a smoking section.

Look, businesses have the right to decide if smoking is allowed, but as consumers, we have the right to decide where we spend our money. If you'd like to see more places go smoke free, send a message with your wallet. Support the places that have gone smoke free, and let the places that have not know you'll come back when they make your health a priority.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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