Does It Work: Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Tester Clorinda James tested out the Hurricane Spin Scrubber
Tester Clorinda James tested out the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cleaning the bathtub or shower is a pain. The makers of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber claim cleaning the bathroom has never been easier with their product, but does it work?

To test the Hurricane Spin Scrubber we turned to Clorinda James of Cape Girardeau. James is a mother of four who cleans homes for extra cash.

Occasionally, she comes up against a tough job.

"It looks like a little lady or gentleman had some fun with markers in the shower," said James eying a bunch of multi-colored lines crisscrossing the white shower walls.

The makers of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber claim their product offers a faster, easier way to clean and that Hurricane Spin Scrubber blasts through the grime "sparkly and clean every time."

James likes the sound of that. She admits at times she suffers from aches and pains due to all the bending and scrubbing.

"My elbows hurt, my shoulders hurt, my knees hurt," said James. "It's pretty bad sometimes."

Before we could test the Hurricane Spin Scrubber we had to plug it in and charge it for 20 hours. Then, James was ready to take it for a spin.

James opted to start with the dome brush as the product's manual stated it was the "perfect all-around cleaning brush."

James turned on the Hurricane Spin Scrubber and put it to work.

"It's not coming off as easily or quickly as I would have thought," James said. "But it is coming off."

After about a minute of scrubbing in one area, James wasn't pleased with her progress.

"You can still see some of the marker there," said James. "I don't think marker is that hard to clean, these are most of the time washable and it's still on the wall."

So James wasn't a fan of the all-around cleaning brush. She swapped it out for the corner brush to see if Hurricane Spin Scrubber could power through soap scum on the bathtub fixture.

"This is always a very difficult job," said James. "On the surface, it looks like some good things happened, but with chrome you have to wait until it's dry."

James towel dried the fixture and took a closer look.

"Soap scum spots. They're still there," said James.

The final brush is a flat brush which the manual states is ideal for "large jobs with lots of flat surface area."

James is immediately surprised when she puts the third brush to the marker on the shower wall.

"It's actually working a lot better," said James. "I'm shocked! Look at that! Pretty good. This thing should just come with one brush. This one."

Overall, James said in her mind there's no substitute for old-fashioned elbow grease.

"It's not for tough jobs," said James. "It's more for everyday treatment."

Still, James said she does see value in the Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

"For the person that may struggle with reaching, that person could probably use it," said James.

James gave the Hurricane Spin Scrubber three stars on this Does It Work test.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is available at most major retailers for $39.99.

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