Protecting your kids from summer dangers

Protecting your kids from summer dangers

(KFVS) - Whether your kids are 11 months or 11 years old, it's important to protect them from the elements when they're outside.

And to keep them from overheating.

That means making sure sunscreen is lathered on.

"It's really important to protect your skin from sun damage."

Dr. Erica Gibson said that's a no-brainer every time you step outside, but especially in the summer when kids won't take time out of playing outside to protect their skin.

So you have to help them.

"If you are exposed to the sun reapply sunscreen SPF 15 or greater every 20 minutes or so," recommended Dr. Gibson.

Dr. Gibson said it doesn't matter if it's lotion sunscreen or spray.

Just make sure you reapply and that it's not expired.

Because once skin starts to turn pink, you're behind.

"If they actually have a change in color to their skin, that by definition is sun damage," Dr. Gibson said.

Dr. Gibson also recommended wearing a hat and making sure to get your ears, nose, toes and lips.

Those spots often go forgotten.

Sun exposure is a big concern, but so is too much time in the heat.

Kids can suffer from heat stroke so here are some signs to look out for.

"Definitely watch their energy level, if their mouths are dry, if they stop sweating, that's a serious warning sign."

Dr. Gibson said it's all about prevention.

Make sure your child is drinking plenty of water.

She even recommended an occasional sports drink if they're very active.

And it's important to take breaks when you can.

"20-30 minutes is a good round number when watching kids play," Dr. Gibson said. "Especially noon time, the hottest time of day. Avoid really aggressive play during that time."

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